Two Weeks ’til Teaching!

Tonight I wrote a letter of introduction to the co-operating teacher that I will be working alongside, and learning from, this semester in my ECS 300 placement. I am so eager (and nervous) to be back in a classroom! Ever since my ECS 100 placement last year (I was in a kindergarten classroom–so much fun!), I have been anxious to get out of the classroom setting where I am the student, and back into the classroom environment where I am the teacher. Many of my older teacher friends used to tell me that your first pre-service teaching experience is when you truly decide whether or not education is the right fit.  And they were right–a little hands-on experience does give you a new perspective–but for me, my ECS 100 placement just solidified in my mind that teaching is what I am meant to do in life.  But this semester, my ECS 300 placement brings new uncharted territory: actually teaching, as opposed to being more of a classroom helper.  This is where the nerves kick in.  I have lesson planned before, but I have never facilitated a lesson plan. And now I have to do it for a classroom of 25+ students. Of course, this stresses out the perfectionist side of me. I want my lesson plans and my teaching of those lesson plans to be perfect, but seeing as how I have zero teaching experience (aside from tutoring), I know that’s a stretch.  Right now I am feeling a little overwhelmed, to say the least. But I guess this is what the placement experience is for–to practice, to get feedback from an experienced teacher, and to learn and grow personally and professionally.

Is it possible to be this nervous and this excited all at the same time? Only two weeks ’til teaching!

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