Teach Me How to Tech

For those who don’t know me, my name is Amy, and I am a fourth-year pre-service teacher at the University of Regina.  This is the quick & dirty on me:

  1. I am a Secondary Education student.  My major is chemistry, my minor is English (weird combo, I know).
  2. My favourite colour is purple.
  3. I have been to Costa Rica.
  4. I despise running, though I do it anyway.
  5. Skim milk is my beverage of choice.
  6. I have a 10-month-old kitten. His name is Niko, and I think he is the most adorable kitten in the entire world.

  7. I am obsessed with watching cooking shows (MasterChef in particular), although I don’t know how to cook.
  8. Mashed potatoes are my all-time favourite food.
  9. I am a member of UR S.T.A.R.S––an on-campus group comprised of pre-service teachers, practicing teachers, and university professors who are passionate about anti-oppressive education and teaching for social justice. 


    Photo Credit: UR S.T.A.R.S. via Facebook

  10. Salt & vinegar chips are my weakness.
  11. I have been scuba diving in the Atlantic Ocean. 10885097_10152563455397393_3981101768321867955_n
  12. I met my best friend when we were just one-month old.  We have been friends for over 21 years.
  13. I collect journals, though I have never written in any of them.
  14. I love receiving flowers.
  15. Family is the most important thing in the world to me.

There is something else that you should know about me: I’m a tech newbie.  When it comes to technology my skills are pretty basic; I own a few social media accounts but that’s about it.  Although I don’t know a whole lot about technology, over the past year I have come to see just how beneficial it can be in the classroom.  For example, the Twitter account that I opened only a year ago has become a valuable tech tool for me as a future educator because it allows me to connect with, and learn from, other educators in Saskatchewan, in Canada, and around the world.

I also saw the benefits of using technology in the classroom during pre-internship. I had the opportunity to work with a teacher who incorporated technology daily in many creative ways, and although not currently, she has even gone so far in the past as to have a completely paperless classroom.  I found the ways the students responded to her technological efforts inspiring–they were always engaged and enthusiastic.

It is my hope that this class, ECMP 355, will be a first step towards me becoming a more “techie” teacher.  Time to start exploring!



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