Curling 101

Over the weekend, I put my new curling iron to good use and learned how to curl my hair! The process was quite time consuming — I spent about five hours working at it on Saturday — but nothing was more exciting than the moment I made my first curl.

I used two different tutorial videos to help me:


It was difficult to find a decent tutorial video, as many of the videos online assumed that I already knew how to handle a curling iron.  The first video, however, was extremely helpful for a beginner like myself because it covers the small details like how to hold a curling iron and place it in the hair, what direction to twist the iron, etc.  The video is very user-friendly and was exactly what I needed to get started.

After I learned how to hold my curling iron properly, I referenced the second video to learn how to do the actual curling.  Although slightly more advanced, the second video was a helpful resource because it shows, step-by-step, how to curl and style the entire head instead of just a few pieces of hair.  Essentially, the video gave me an “end goal” to work towards.

I curled my hair twice on Saturday; the first time was a practice run.  I set myself up in the bathroom with my laptop and tutorial videos ready to go, as well as my hair-styling products including a brush, a comb, thermal protecting spray, and of course, my curling iron.

Screenshot (42).png

It went fairly well — it was exciting to see the curls develop — but I did make what for most people is probably a very basic mistake: I curled my hair in the same direction on both sides of my head when I should have curled in the opposite direction. It is hard to describe, but it looked goofy.

When I was done practicing, it was time to shower and then start all over.  The plan was to go with my hair curled to my grandparents’ 50th anniversary dinner that night.  It took me almost two hours, but I think the final product turned out really well (for my second try at least)!




Now that I have basic hair-curling skills, I just need to practice more in order to perfect them. Time to move on to my next hair challenge!

9 thoughts on “Curling 101

  1. Amie Reid says:

    Your hair turned out beautifully! I know exactly what you mean about curls in the same instead of opposite directions. It is an amateur mistake that we’ve ALL made! That’s an important part of the process! You are a REAL “hair curler” now! Can’t wait to see your next ‘do!


  2. mckaila09 says:

    Way to go, your hair looks great!! Curling hair definitely takes practice, but it looks like you got the hang of it!


  3. Amira Abdulhadi says:

    I think your curls turned out really nice! I don’t know if you’ve looked into it, but you can also curl your hair with a flat iron. I also always make the mistake of curling in the same direction 😛


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