Five 5-Minute Hairstyles That Took All Night

Last week I learned how to curl my hair as part of my #LearningProject.  I loved how it turned out, but it took several hours for me to curl my whole head.  Not so convenient. I don’t have several hours to dedicate to doing my hair every day, so this week I checked out a number of websites and blogs all advertising quick and easy hairstyle solutions.  These were a few of my favourite resources:

I set aside two hours with the hope of learning a variety of cute, yet simple hairstyles.  I tried many. Lots were ugly, and some were so tedious that I gave up.  The biggest problem that I faced was that most of the resources did not provide videos or written instructions, just step-by-step pictures (if that) which left me struggling to decipher things all on my own. Ultimately, it took me six hours to learn only five hairstyles.  As it turns out, the “quick and easy” hairstyles are anything but.  Overall, the process was extremely frustrating, though I like the five hairstyles that I learned:

1. The 2-Minute Low Braided Bun (which did not take 2 minutes):

How it was supposed to look:


Photo Credit:

How it turned out: 


2. The Grown Up Half-Up Half-Down 

How it was supposed to look:


Photo Credit:

How it turned out:


3. The Half-Up Hair Wrap

How it was supposed to look:


Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

How it turned out:

Side note: To achieve this hairstyle, I applied the skills that I learned last week and added some curls.  Go me!

4. The Summer Scarf Updo

How it was supposed to look:


Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

How it turned out:


5. The Two-Bobby-Pin Front Twist

How it was supposed to look:

How it turned out:


As frustrating as the process was, I’m excited that I’m starting to my repertoire of hairstyles.  What is your favourite hairstyle of the five above? Let me know in the comments!

Now, onto my next ‘do!

7 thoughts on “Five 5-Minute Hairstyles That Took All Night

  1. Miss. Perry says:

    I really like the first one. It’s something different other than just a messy bun. I feel like you could dress it up with a pretty headband or dress it down and wear it more casually. Ugh the struggle with hair, but good for you for not being discouraged! They look good, practice makes perfect!

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  2. Aysha Y says:

    The last one is my go to! I know the struggle with the “quick and easy” hairstyles. They typically take me at least 10 times as long as they’re supposed to. Im not sure if you’ve mentioned this but have you tried YouTube tutorials? I found that a video helped me learn better as compared to some of the picture only ones!

    Liked by 1 person

    • amypmartin says:

      Thanks, Aysha! I have been using tutorial videos, but it just so happened that all of these hairstyles came from blogs or online articles. I actually prefer using tutorial videos because I find it easier to replicate a hairstyle when it’s done right in front of me — I can follow along step-by-step.

      Liked by 1 person

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