ECMP 455 – Summary of Learning

Here it is: the Summary of Learning project that Sarah and I created for ECMP 455, and the last project of my Education degree — yay!

A little bit about how this project came to be:

For our final project, Sarah and I wanted to do something that showcased our learning in a fun and creative, yet meaningful, way. We also wanted to do something that challenged us in our tech skills. Together, we came up with the idea to summarize what we learned throughout the course through parody videos of different types of YouTube content. Each video we chose was inspired by something that we learned this semester in ECMP 455 that stood out to us.

Here’s a list of the videos we parodied and a brief description of how they relate to the course:

  1. Click-bait video (0:23) — We wanted to introduce our Summary of Learning in a humorous, engaging way. We also wanted to poke some fun at our prof, Alec
  2. Let’s Play video (2:42) — In this video we discussed online communities and the culture of connected-ness that the internet creates. Sarah also really just wanted to play The Witness.
  3. Tutorial video (11:37) — In this video we discussed the idea of teachers (and students) moving away from being content delivers (and consumers) and moving towards becoming owners of their own content. 
  4. Taste Test video (19:30) — Both mine and Sarah’s Learning Projects were food-based, and we wanted to discuss what it’s like to learn a skill online. 
  5. Fake News video (28:09) — In this video we discussed the importance of providing students with the necessary skills to be able to navigate this digital world we live in. 
  6. Social Justice video (33:16) — We chose not to do a parody video for this topic, as it is a more serious topic that deserves a serious conversation. In our conversation we address what we think it means to teach about social justice in online spaces and why it is important. 

The video is really long, we know. We went a little overboard. But we couldn’t cut it down. We feel as though each piece of the video is valid and portrays a key aspect of our learning. To cut it down would mean that we would have to cut meaningful content, and we didn’t want to minimize our learning.

We created our video using Corel, Educreations, Screencastify, Sarah’s PS4, and our own lovely acting skills. A lot of hard work and laughter went into making this video. We’re pretty proud of it. We hope you enjoy it!

One thought on “ECMP 455 – Summary of Learning

  1. carmellekgerein says:

    Amy and Sarah,
    I think you should both drop out of education and become actors. Acting is your true calling. In all seriousness though, congratulations on a wonderful Summary of Learning project. I know in the last semester of university it can be difficult to find motivation to do work but Amy and Sarah, you both put in an incredible amount of work this semester from weekly blogs, to the Learning Projects to the Summary of Learning!

    I admit, I did not watch the entire video. I watched the Chemistry part and most of the part on the fake news. The chemistry part was really well done! Excellent explanations and great use of the resource. Sarah, I agreed with everything you said surrounding students not always thinking critically about what they read online and what they post. Parents and educators need to be having conversations with our students surrounding this topic, it’s incredibly important that students know how to properly use technology!

    When I have more time, I will definitely check out the other parts of your Summary of Learning! I love what I’ve seen so far! Great job, both of you should be super proud of what you’ve done in this class! I loved reading both of your blogs this semester and have really enjoyed having conversations with you both surrounding topics in education and specifically technology in education!

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