ECMP 355 – Summary of Learning

After several late nights at the university and some major tech issues, Robin and I have finally completed our Summary of Learning project for ECMP 355!

A little bit about how this project came to be:

For our final project, we were asked to do something challenging — something that makes us step outside of our “comfort zone”. Well, creating this project was definitely a challenge; we are not the most tech savvy individuals. First off, neither of us have worked with iMovie before. Although it is relatively user-friendly, we had to spend quite a bit of time playing around with the program. We also experienced a lot of tech problems trying to upload our videos to iMovie, but thankfully our instructor, Katia, came to our rescue.

However, what Robin and I lack in tech skills we make up for in creativity! We share a love for The Bachelorette, so this is where our theme “The Bachelortech” came from

Coming into this course with very little tech skills, Robin and I both learned a lot this semester. Our project highlights our key learnings from over the course, and we created it using iMovie, Screencastify, and Zoom. A lot of laughter, love, and hard-work went into this movie. We’re pretty proud of it. We hope you enjoy!