ELA B30 – Social & Ecological Issues

For my ESCI 302 final project, I developed a unit plan for an English B30 classroom. The topic of the unit is “Social and Ecological Environmental Issues,” and focuses on inquiry-based learning: Students will research an environmental issue that they are passionate about,  or one that they want to learn more about. From there, students will use their research to create an expository or persuasive piece of writing–either an essay or a formal letter–that explains their argument, as well as details why the student thinks the issue is important.

The unit plan is comprised of four main lessons which can be found here:

Lesson One:

Unit Plan – Lesson One

Lesson Two:

Unit Plan – Lesson Two

Lesson Three:

Unit Plan – Lesson Three

Lesson Four:

Unit Plan – Lesson Four

For any resources/materials that were incorporated in the unit, see here:

Unit Resources:

Unit Resources


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